All About Teeth and the Corona Virus

This is an award winning dental resource of  private  dental volunteers willing to help you look after your teeth directly. (Probe Awards UK for “Patient Care”)

Revenue is created by subscribing to storing your dental records for safe keeping using your own private login. You can access these instantly anywhere in the world.  Once uploaded, you can ask a professional 2nd opinion by appointment.  

Are you too anxious or embarrassed to see a dental professional?

 OR do you want instant access to your own dental records for a second opinion from anywhere in the world for when you travel?

Existing Q and A’s

Ask a question to our panel of experts in our Dental & Cosmetic Forum, read other peoples questions…

During Covid general enquiries for future dental health are not considered an emergency.  Most popular categories (such as “tooth whitening”), allow you to see other patients queries, this can be of help. You can also ask a short question (400 characters) within the forum and be directed by a dental professional.

One on one interaction

Connect direct with our team of expert, upload photos and documents for a one to one consultation…

A private online consultation, where you can upload photos or X-Rays as well you your medical history to have a more comprehensive approach at £40.

Within this category there is also a technical advice portal, you can ask a technician about materials on the market, questions about aesthetics, strength and dental solutions under supervision by a registered dentist, giving you alternatives. We can provide data from dental suppliers £18.

Start gathering your medical records

Coming soon! Our new data store keeping your Dental records safe and accessible from anywhere in the world.

A safe and secure server storing your dental records (CT Scans , OPG, Xrays and Photographs, Scanned in and electronic documents)

Your dental records belong to you – no one else; you can keep them online and access them with your own login and password.

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