About All About Teeth

Questions from patients; answers from dentists

our aims for patients are:

  • to inform patient consumers about the various ways to improve the function or appearance of the smile, teeth and relevant soft and hard tissues
  • to generate interest between patients and dentists
  • to increase education leading to an increased demand within the profession for better quality
  • to tell patients what technology is available on the market at the time of their enquiry
  • to acknowledge any question as soon as possible, providing an answer or several answers as soon as possible after that
  • to highlight the necessity with extensive treatment plans for a patient to rely on a dental team and ensure that followup and management is essential to complete a treatment plan

our aims for dentists are:

  • to generate interest between dental professionals themselves
  • to impart knowledge, raise patient expectations and increase demand within the top level of dentistry represented by our dentists featured on this site
  • to enable dentists to compare their opinions with those of their peers
  • to provide a tool whereby the dentist is relieved from complex chair side explanation
  • to provide a referral tool for the dentists
  • to traffic the questions and answers between the dentists and the patients as soon as possible
  • to protect the group opinion as a whole only the best questions and answers are used in FAQ’s (involving possible editing)
  • to provide the freedom of content within an answer to a patient (involving no editing)
  • to grow in our experience from candid emotionless patient feedback