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30 years ago I had 4 crowns, the upper incisors placed to reduce gaps between my teeth. One of the four was on a post due to the original being broken off as a child. A few years ago one of the pre canines had the root split and had to be extracted. I was given a plate for the missing crown along with a replacement molar for an extraction I had. All was fine until a couple of years ago when I had to have 3 upper left pre molar and molars extracted and 2 lower left molars also extracted …now the denture plate no longer fits and I find eating difficult. A couple of weeks ago the posted crown came loose for the second time and so I went back to my NHS practitioner which had changed hands in the two year interim. As I have only one remaining undamaged crown I hoped that my dentist would do as I asked and extract the remaining 2 crowns and their roots and fit me with a denture plate to incorpoate the four front teeth and missing pre molars and molars. In the upper jaw I have my own canines and first pre molars and final molars remaining which I believe would make sense for an even denture plate.
My new dentist has agreed to extract one beyond repair pre molar but has said he would replace the failed crown at the front….would it not be better to just put in a partial denture plate with four even teeth …I am very disappointed and being on a low wage cannot afford to go private when the NHS denture would solve my issues

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Asked on 22/03/2016 12:00 am