Am I only


Am I only able to receive treatment on nhs if dentist thinks I require it, my teeth are really eroded due to brushing to hard and discoloured and I haven’t been happy for years its a daily thing for me I went to dentist last year and told her I felt and she seemed keen on helping me restore my smile but wasn’t wanting to do it while I was pregnant as I get quite anxious .After I the birth I received a filling and told me I would need one more filling and sanded down my top teeth and thats it….no mention of any other treatment as my teeth are fine in her opinion..I don’t have the same smile. I have now moved dentist and have appt tomorrow and I would like to receive crowns on nhs but I don’t know if I’m able to ask for this treatment .I have included a photo of my teeth if anyone can tell me I am entitled to this treatment on nhs or at least help as I am on benefits

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Asked on 16/09/2014 12:00 am