As a child


As a child I fell and damaged my front top tooth. Over several years it gradually discoloured until 3 years ago I had a root filling. I was advised to wait for a year before having a crown to ensure the tooth had been successfully filled, which I did. About 18 months ago I had the tooth crowned with a nice crown at a cost of about £1000.

Over the weekend I had some discomfort in my gum above the tooth so visited my dentist today. He x-rayed the tooth and there is some infection within it. He said my options were to visit I private root canal specialist for further treatment at a cost of approx £500, or the NHS route was extraction and a tooth on a plate.

I am really upset as I can’t really afford the additional treatment but I definately don’t want to be without a front tooth at the age of 33!

I’m also concerned as to whether the further treatment would work? Would I be better to have the tooth removed and just go for an implant?

I’d be grateful for your advice

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Asked on 18/11/2013 12:00 am