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Good Morning
I had a front tooth crowned a couple of years ago with a porcelain crown attached to a pin that was cemented into the root of my tooth (the tooth being to the left hand side of my front two teeth (not looking in a mirror)
However recently whilst trying one of the NEW IMPROVED Hovis Seeded Crackers ( I must confess there is no improvement in my opinion!!), a 5mm section of the porcelain crown sheared off, it was a clean break.
I went to see the dentist and he advised he would need to take an x-ray, there had always been some discomfort with the crowned tooth and I was of the opinion that the front tooth next to it had actually moved outwards towards my lip. This tooth was also crowned several years ago however when it was crowned my front teeth were perfectly level.
Now, when I run my fingers across my two front teeth, there is a step from one to the other. I have mentioned this to the dentist on several occasions.
Back to the broken crown, the dentist advised that he had now found a fracture in the root onto which the remainder of the crown is secured and it had become infected, hence the sensitivity. He gave me medication to combat this, and it settled down. He advised that I may need to see a specialist if I wanted the crown replacing as he was not too happy about the strength of my jaw at this point. Unfortunately at the time I could not afford the private treatment so asked if he could refer me to the national health dentist that could advise if there was sufficient strength, and he did explain in his letter that I may be waiting some considerable time. To date I have not had a response.
My question is, how does a tooth root fracture if a post is cemented into it for the crown to fasten to? When it was fitted, there was no evidence of a fracture in the root on the x-rays.
Can biting on a seeded biscuit fracture the root?
I have a bit of a problem with the sequence of events because when the crown broke off, there was already an infection around the root therefore it must have already been fractured pre my munching on the “so called” “New Improved Seeded Cracker”.
I have in the main paid privately for my dental treatment, however circumstances do change and due to a couple of accidents recently I find myself somewhat less able to afford a private dentist at this moment in time.
What advice (if any) could you give as I really do not want to loose the front crown if at all possible.

In anticipation

My kindest regards

Dave Fisher

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Asked on 19/09/2016 12:00 am
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Hi Dave , it sounds like you forces in your mouth are not balanced, we can help you with this but you will need an appointment for an assessment with our occlusal restorative specialist, we are based in the Costswolds.

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Answered on 05/03/2018 12:00 am