Had an occlusal


Had an occlusal compostite restoration the other day on LL6 & had an ID block for it obviously ha
It just hurts like absolute hell where I had the injection & below my TMJ on the left side (Hello yes, I am a Dental Nurse haha)
Its been a few days now & idk, SHOULD IT BE THIS PAINFUL AHH
I can only open my mouth about an inch & a half until it feels really tight & way too painful
Id go back to my dentist but theyre full rn or Id ask one at work but Im off for a few days
I dont wanna take painkillers because I get severe migraines & its a case of do I take painkillers & risk getting a migraine in which case I cant take painkillers for another four hours

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Asked on 27/03/2015 12:00 am