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Having not had dental treatment for c.7 years (not a great starting point I know!) I registered and went for a dental checkup a few months ago and unsurprisingly needed 3 fillings. On treatment for one of the fillings the decay was greater than originally thought and close to the nerve, and so the dentist recommended root canal treatment and then covering the tooth with a crown. I am NHS registered but opted for the white cosmetic crown so paid for this privately (c.£450).

After about 5 appointments in total (diagnosis, root preparation, root treatment & filling, temp crown fitting & tooth preparation and 2 appointments for permanent crown fitting – the first permanent crown didn’t fit so they made a new one) I have just had my permanent crown fitted and cemented into place.

24 hours later this still feels like it is too big and mouth not closing properly on that side (right molar) – though my dentist told me to give it 2-3 days so I will do so. However more concerning is the fact the bite didn’t fit and so the dentist had to grind part of the crown down to make it fit. I now realise that this has resulted in a noticeable black spot on the tooth which I think is where the white covering has been ground down to reveal the metal underneath. Additionally the tooth doesn’t feel smooth in that place when I touch it with my tongue.

This being my first experience of a crown, and first real dentistry since I was in my late teens I’m not particularly informed as to whether I have grounds to claim this as bad service and if so what my options would be?

Presumably I could get a new crown remade – though having had two crowns made unsuccessfully by this dentist and having generally lost confidence I would ideally like my money back and to have this done elsewhere – presumably that won’t be an option though?

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Asked on 17/12/2013 12:00 am