Hello, I have


Hello, I have had some work done on my upper teeth, which was advised by my dentist. She insisted I needed 4 front teeth removed and two back molars. The work was carried out by her over a four week period. This consisted of an X-ray which took approx 5 mins. Then a week later a mouth mould which took about 6 minutes , then a bite wax mould procedure which took about 6-7 mins. After doing this for the three weeks I was told when my teeth were removed I would have an upper partial denture fitted so I would not be without teeth. Never did she state that the teeth would be ill fitting terrible acrylic, which were so rough I had to Dremel offf the rough patches once my mouth become normal after the numbing injections. There was a razor sharp back part on the denture that sliced my tongue and I had to smooth. All the while I asked questions about the procedure but was basically rebutted by “I haven’t worn dentures so don’t know” . Now I have had the teeth removed and a monstrous fitting partial denture, I feel so bemused. I returned a week later to see if there was anything she could do to make the dentures fit, she pulled out a Dremel and did a tiny bit sanding made some excuse about 3 months teeth change etc. this soundly got my back up. I have complained to the head of the practice but do I have any other ways to complain about her basic bullshit and snotty attitude. I really can’t stress enough about my disgust at these false teeth.

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Asked on 14/04/2016 12:00 am