Hi I had


Hi I had what I think is called a crown fitted quite a few years ago (tooth was bad and the root was taken out etc a thin line of tooth left and they fit something into my jaw and slide in a flase too that has a metal spike part that fits into the jaw fitted bit)

and id say 3 months ago the tooth was getting loose and maybe a month ago I was out somewhere and the tooth came totally loose and fell into my mouth, I took it out and it was the false tooth which had a spike stick out the end that goes into the hole in my gum….drawn pic included for you haha

anyway when I got home I couldn’t see in my mouth so took a good picture and where the tooth was I could see the hole but In all the surrounding area it looked like it was bad and it all felt hard like a hard coating under the false tooth and then on the edge was the thin part of tooth left which was a thin line of tooth.

I had noticed a bad taste/smell also, for for the time being I popped he tooth back in and left it for another week ..it got way too wobbly where it just fell right out when I put it back in so went to the dentist who checked the fitting inside my gum and he stated that the fitting inside the gum that help it seemd all ok (a dentist I talked to when my tooth felt a bit loose said it would be the main fitting that was bad and did xray saying they could not put a new fitting)

anyway the new dentist said the fitting was ok and it was just the crown tooth that was look, he cleaned the hole and he cemented the tooth back and he said it could last another 2 years BUT here I am a month after and the tooth is getting loose again, also gum is sore and on the inside of the gum it is swelled a bit

The main problem which I noticed when the tooth fell out is the tooth smells, and I don’t just mean the hole or the gum if I rub my false tooth with my finger and smell it it smells horrid, I rub my normal teeth and gums and they don’t smell so its 100% the false tooth section that smells horrid and I can smell it myself on my breath sometimes but if I rub the tooth part it smells :/ id understand if maybe the gum area or top of the crown smells near the join but its the actual tooth

what should I do? if I go back will he pull the tooth out? I really don’t want a gap there and I don’t think they could make a new tooth section to fit the hole already there and the last dentist did xray and said where the metal part is drilled in in bad shape so could not put a new fitting in then mentioned I could go provate and have something else done but would cost over £1000 and im not working so need what can be done on nhs

also if worse come to worse where I had to have no tooth there at all would they take the part out they drilled in and how would the hole heal :/

im pretty scared tbh

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Asked on 20/09/2014 12:00 am