hi i have


hi i have both my upper first molars taken out years ago, i realised my front teeth taking all the pressure and started to feel tender. my upper second molars are not occluding as they are facing buccally. the restorative dentist placed minimal prep bridges on both sides to open up my bite. during the impreession taking my jaw slid on the bite registration and the dentist said that it would be fine. when they placed the bridges i had to come back four times to have high spots shaved down. now they have disharged me bite my bite does not feel even and still feel my front teeth touching sometimes when i bite. ive had enough and i want to take the bridges out after having them on for nearly 2 months and still not adjusted to them.
i have spoken to a few dentists that i know and they said the dentist at the hospital should of put braces on so that they could make the the upper second molars move to occlude as they are facing buccally, but they are not specialised in orthodontics so i would need to speak to one.
im not sure if i can get this on the NHS or at the hospital.
my front teeth are slightly mobile due to the force.
would appreciate some advice.

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Asked on 07/04/2013 12:00 am
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If this is an occlusal case diagnosed by your dentist surly the case is not finished and needs to be completed by the dentist who sold you the bridges , if they are not up to it you will need to shop around for a new dentist and ask for your money back. this kind of work is a specialism .

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Answered on 24/04/2013 12:00 am