hi, I was


hi, I was troubled by back tooth five years ago, had it crowned, still flared up, went to 2nd dentist, who said it was done badly, he took it off smell was awful, root canal and recrowned it, all was fine for 6 months, but I have been troubled ever since, it gives me a constant niggle, its like I can feel the root canal? my face around it hurts, this is off and on, I am convinced ll is not right, this has been ongoing for four years! I have had it xrayed at least five times, I am always told its fine, I am worried that there is something more sinister, I have been told that sometimes root canals never settle down, is this correct?i had another lower molar root canal 18months ago, this feels bruised around it,this was done at dental hospital, they did say tht they could not get all the way down has there was a lot of calcium deposits, I feel like I live my life on the edge of a dental disaster

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Asked on 15/06/2015 12:00 am