Hi, I’ve had


Hi, I’ve had a root canal and crown fitted over the course of 3 sessions. Each time I have been back I have told the dentist that I still have sensation in the tooth and have felt when she has been filing up high, today I had the temp filling removed and there was a very foul smell, I had told her I thought it was loose but she said it was fine, anyway when she was filling the tooth the dam clamp flew off and I got a ful of something unpleasant and she could not fit it back on, she filled and fitted the crown and now find after numbing has worn off that the crown is a too low and I can’t bite, I’m really worried that firstly there is still nerve, secondly that it may get infected due to foul smell and lack of dam and thirdly that the crown doesn’t fit and I was rushed out before I could express my concern because the treatment overran. What would be your advice?

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Asked on 11/12/2014 12:00 am