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My husband had dental treatment yesterday and something went wrong.
He has anxiety so we went to a dentist who is certified phobia dentist. They gave us a quote for consultation, xrays, cleaning, sedation, doing some fillings and re-root canal treatment. This all came to ca £4700. We said we would go ahead with part of the suggestions and leave out the most expensive part, the root canals, which would have included taking of crowns.
When I picked my husband up after he spent 5 hours in the chair, his crowns were gone.
Also, they gave him 3 doses of sedation drugs and did not let him have a break as agreed upon him raising his hand. They pushed his hand down and continued. When I went to pick him up, he was still so sedated that I could not move him by myself, once home the cab driver had to help me bring him inside. This morning, he still could not stand up by himself.

Our questions are:
1. can we request the xrays and his full treatment plan
2. where can we go to get his crowns fixed and how can we get some money back because we said we did not want them taken off
3. is there any way we can file a complaint and somehow make sure that this person does not practice as a phobia dentist anymore as they clearly did not listen to my husband.

Your suggestions and help is much appreciated

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Asked on 12/12/2013 12:00 am