I broke my


I broke my front tooth 20 years ago and have been having trouble ever since. After having the first crown fitted I experienced pain with the nerve so had the nerve removed. The porcelain crown I have now is starting to look ugly. The crown is still great (if a little lower than should be) but my receeding gum has a black/purple mark at the top of the crown. My dentist told me that as the tooth has no nerve the crown has dropped and the top of my gum has started to receed. He tells me he can make a new crown but if he needs to cover the gum patch and did it all in white it would look odd as it would be bigger than my other front tooth. He says he will make a new crown with the top part pink (looking like my gum) is this possible? I’ve never heard anything like it. Are there any alternatives?

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Asked on 04/10/2011 12:00 am