I cracked a


I cracked a top molar 2 years ago and dentist recommended root canal filling because on Xray the root was dying/dead. This was done but the tooth remained sensitive so root canal was redone about 18 months ago and has continued to niggle ever since – no real main but ongoing minor discomfort. I have been back multiple times and he has filed the filling/tooth to adjust my bite. Just before Xmas a white headed pimple appeared on the gum next to the tooth. This drained but reappeared so I went to the dentist yesterday who stuck a needle up through the pimple to the root and took and x-ray. He confirmed that the root is infected and has suggested redoing the root canal for a third time (at no cost). I have a history of bruxism and he has continued to say that the discomfort is due to this/bite mis-alignment and recommends a mouth guard. I am concerned that re-doing the root canal will not remove the infection and that actually, the ongoing discomfort is due to a chronic infection. I am getting really fed-up of the ongoing discomfort – 2 years now. Can redoing the root canal actually going to solve the problem – what other options do I have? Any advice would be greatly received.

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Asked on 18/01/2013 12:00 am