I had orthodontic


I had orthodontic treatment as an adult which finished about 5 years ago.\r\n\r\nDuring the treatment I started to suffer gum recession. My orthodontist felt this was caused by poor plaque control despite my existing rigorous cleaning regime and 3 monthly visits to the hygienist. However, despite continuing my cleaning regime, the gum recession has been getting progressively worse.\r\n\r\nI’ve now seen an oral surgeon as the orthodontic treatment left me with vertical maxillary excess. The possibility of this condition was not explained to me at the start of my orthodontic treatment.\r\n\r\nThe oral surgeon feels I’m not suitable for surgery because of a pre-existing medical condition, but he did say my cleaning regime was very good, my teeth were immaculate and plaque control was not an issue in my case.\r\n\r\nHe said it is possible the gum recession was due to bone loss which could have been caused by the orthodontics. I have spoken to my orthodontic practice about this and they tell me I need to see my regular dentist to determine the extent of the bone loss and what the bone density was before and after treatment. Fortunately, I have panoramic x rays taken before and after the orthodontic treatment. Will these be sufficient?\r\n\r\nI don’t suffer with any bone loss in other areas of my body and I do regular cardiovascular exercise.\r\n\r\nI would be grateful for advice on what questions I need to ask my dentist to confirm whether or not my gum recession was caused by orthodontics? My appointment with my regular dentist is in early January 2016\r\n\r\nAlso, are you able to advise me on what treatments are available to improve/stop the progression of this condition?\r\n\r\nFinally, I was fitted with a metal retainer covering only the six front teeth on both the upper and lower jaw on completion of my orthodontic work. However one of the back teeth has now moved. Is this normal or should I have been supplied with a plastic retainer as well to stop this happening?\r\n\r\nMany thanks \r\n

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Asked on 24/12/2015 12:00 am