I have just


I have just had the second stage of my root canal treatment done. My dentist did his best but I have deep roots and its a molar with 3 roots.
He showed me on an x-ray afterwards that in one of the roots he could not reach the root canal filling all the way to the top of the root having to leave probably about 1mm unfilled.
He explained that trying harder could result in breaking through the root canal which I have had 13 years ago with another dentist. I appreciate his care but want to know if problems can occur because of this slight unfilled gap.
He has only put a temporarily filling on top of the root canal filling in case he needs to redo it. To be reviewed in two weeks.
I also experienced a lot of pain as one of three nerves had not died off, will this happen by itself, the dying of that last nerve?
It was only done today so I expect the extreme pain I am experiencing is due to the treatment and is only when I directly bite on it by accident.
Two questions in the end.I hope you can help.

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Asked on 02/03/2016 12:00 am