I have two


I have two large teeth on either side of my mouth in my lower jaw and these are very filled. I would like to have these crowned on the NHS but my dentist said they are too weak to crown. I think the roots are still OK. I do not want a lower denture (already have an upper denture) and would like these two remaining teeth crowned (other teeth either side have been extracted but I can just manage to eat using these remaining two teeth). My dentist provides NHS treatment and I wonder why he has said this. Should I find another NHS dentist for a second opinion? I also had a crown break off on my upper teeth recently and he did not re-fix it but attached it to my upper part denture, (leaving the root in situ) but I would have preferred it being reattached or replaced, but again he said it was too weak to be replaced. I have other crowns in the front which have posts and these have been there for many years. Are NHS dentists unwilling to do crowns? It would appear that way.

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Asked on 03/12/2015 12:00 am