I recently broke


I recently broke the crown on one of my front teeth and had to have a new one fitted. The other front tooth is also a crown but the dentist did not want to replace this one as well as it was still in very good shape (its about 17 years old). The first crown she fitted was very solid looking in colour whereas the other crown next to it is quite translucent. I said I wasnt happy and she agreed to replace it but I did have to pay for a private lab to do it (on my request)as the NHS one had already tried unsuccessfully twice to get it right. This second crown is so much better fit wise (the first one made me feel like a horse) but the look of it still isnt 100% to my liking. I would say its about 90/95% but has made my other crown just look a little more grey in comparison because that one is still slightly more translucent. My dentist has only put the new crown in as a temporary one to make sure I was happy this time round but I dont know whether I should accept the 90% likeness as being reasonable, try to get the crown done for a 3rd time (although I do like the fit of this one) or have the other front crown removed and have both done together. Of course, this could then make the other teeth either side of the front ones (which unfortunately are also crowns)look odd as well. Am I just being too vain and letting my OCD take over. I’m so torn what to do and I’m concerned I could enter into a long path of pain, money and disappointment if I keep pursuing this but have to go back in a week with my answer and dont know what to do!!!!

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Asked on 14/03/2014 12:00 am