Im a 20yr


Im a 20yr old girl. Last year my dentist gave me crowns for 3 of my front teeth. This was done immediately after removing 2 year long braces treatment.

Initially, I was happy with my crowns, but slowly front teeth started to relapse outward. As my crowns were fitted just after removing braces, with no retainer given by my dentist, my front teeth relapsed more than ever. Now my crowns look very long and ugly, and have a protruding and a bulky look.

My facial expressions look strained. Unable to close my lips because of protruding front teeth. I have an inter-labial gap of 1 cm and with my upper teeth resting on my lower lip, my crowns and smile look horrible.

1). I feel smaller and thinner crowns can solve my problem. Can my dentist trim the existing crown or is it better to go for a new crown?

2). I heard that frequent replacement of crowns, can put inevitable stress on actual tooth. Is it risky to go new crowns?

3). Can you suggest any alternative solution?

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Asked on 04/02/2009 12:00 am