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I’m a 27 year old woman in recovery from severe bulimia/anorexia, which I had for over ten years. I’m now over 1 year free from binging & purging (vomiting) and I feel I’ve finally conquered my eating disorder for good.
Luckily, I’m now weight restored and in good health – except from my teeth, which have been irreversibly damaged and are causing me a lot of emotional distress.

There is extensive erosion which has left left my teeth discoloured and caused significant structural damage, as well as loss of enamel making them extremely sensitive. I have persistent halitosis, and my two front teeth in particular have been worn so thin that they look transparent. What’s most upsetting though is the fact that all of them have started to crumble at the edges!
I’ve seen an NHS dentist (over the past year or so) who has put four fillings in so that I am not in so much pain, but seems reluctant to address the structural issues (despite very obvious deterioration within the past few months alone). I’ve mentioned that I’m a recovering bulimic several times, but he seems very reluctant to discuss this and basically dismisses my concerns.

I’m desperate to have my teeth restored (whilst they are still somewhat salvageable) so that I can smile with confidence again, without being haunted by my past when I look in the mirror.
But I am unsure what I’m entitled to on the NHS, and therefore what exactly to ask for. I am currently out of work due to my ongoing health problems and on benefits, and I simply cannot afford to pay for crowns privately. However I’d be more than happy to pay the £200 (or thereabouts) fixed charge for band 3 treatment (such as crowns) on the NHS, if at all possible in my case.

I’d really appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you in advance!

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Asked on 28/06/2015 12:00 am