I’m an NHS


I’m an NHS patient. My dentist fitted partial dentures but I had to return 3 times as they felt much too tight. Each time they said “we daren’t take too much off and they need to be tight” but I never had a good fit. Since then I’ve had extractions and teeth added tothe partial and now they do fit – they properly fit into the roof of my mouth. The problem is, the tooth next to the denture (crowned) developed a fracture, the front tooth next to that also failed and then my bridge (next tothe other (crowned) front tooth broke off. My dentist says that the partial denture could not have done this but I think it did. I really would like your opinion and advice on this. Also, because the 3 tooth bridge broke off, he’s had to extract the teeth and add 3 more to the denture – very strange that I was only aware of him extracting 2 teeth but my treatment plan shows 3 extractions. I don’t pay for my treatment as we are on pension credit but is anything odd with this? Many thanks

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Asked on 04/02/2016 12:00 am