My dentist has


My dentist has advised me that I need a root filling and crown to a lower left back tooth. The tooth in question has a large temporary filling which accounts for 80% of visible “tooth”, the remaining 20% is actual tooth material.
My question is firstly why does my dentist suggest he does this privately when it is available as part of the NHS contract? and secondly why does he tell me that only silver crowns are available on the NHS when it appears from the NHS website (band 3) that “crown in porcelain, synthetic resin and other non-metallic crowns” are available?
I realise that the £204 maximum charge won’t pay for a huge amount of the dentists time but I’m led to believe that the NHS dentist would recieve more than £204 from the NHS for the work done.

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Asked on 26/06/2011 12:00 am