My dentist has


My dentist has said I need a load of teeth out. (prescribed steroids have rotten them). This will leave me with 1 tooth at the very back on the left upper then a huge gap to 2nd as all need removing including the canine. Bottom same side I’ll be left with none after 5th. Right side bottom none left after 5th. Right upper just the wisdom tooth to come out. I’m concerned that lack of teeth left I’ll struggle to eat. The dentist has referred me to a clinic for sedation (terrified) but not taken any impressions for dentures or anything. Last time the clinic sent me back to own dentist and refused to remove the canine without impressions and dentures arranged. Yet I’m being sent back again for removal without. Am looking at getting a 2nd opinion. I’m am NHS patient and am already self conscious regarding my teeth. Is what the dentist is doing correct or should a denture be arranged before removing so many teeth at the back.

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Asked on 26/02/2016 12:00 am