Over the years


Over the years I have had 2 crowns fitted on my top front right tooth. I recently had the crown replaced for a 3rd time because the previous one kept coming loose. The new crown is smaller than my other tooth. The previous crowns were a perfect pit, my dentist even took a mould with my previous crown. I don’t understand why there is now a slight gap between my crown and the front tooth next to it. Plus the crown looks like it is slightly positioned outward instead of straight. When my mouth is in its natural position, my bottom tooth hits the back of the crown putting pressure, however there is no pain. When I chew, my bottom tooth rides up the back of the crown. I had had the new crown for 5 days and it still feels uncomfortable. My dentist stated that crowns are made differently and that my complaint is cosmetic, therefore I will have to pay for private treatment. I can’t understand why my two previous crowns were a perfect fit. I’m extremely self conscious and cover my mouth whenever I laugh. Please help

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Asked on 10/06/2014 12:00 am