Recently my upper


Recently my upper 1st premolar tooth which has previously been root canal treated had given me pain for a few days – now well settled down thankfully. However, following xrays my dentist thinks that it is cracked and has suggested it is removed otherwise it will continue to cause issues.

The 2nd premolar beside it has also been root canal treated and also supports a bridge covering the gap where my 1st molar tooth used to be. However the 2nd premolar on the xray also looks like the root might have some infection and the dentist has suggested that even if it’s not causing pain now, it may well do so and I might want to think about removing it with the first premolar.

This would leave a gap of 3 teeth for which she would fit a denture until I decided either on permanent denture or implants.

I am prepared to give implants serious consideration, notwithstanding the cost, but I just want to make sure we have explored all the possibilities.

Firstly, would you tend to agree with my dentist that it would be best to remove both teeth now?

Secondly, if I did so does that make the implant process easier/cheaper at this stage. I suppose what I’m asking is whether an implant costs the same per tooth or whether there’s a benefit in doing all 3 with a view to at least reducing the cost per tooth?

I am 50 and my 1st molar has been missing for maybe 10 years. The bridge has only been in place in the last 5 years or so.

I’m also wondering if the only solutions here are either denture or implant. Would it be reasonable to leave the bridge as is (until it does give me a problem) and perhaps use the canine tooth to bridge the 1st premolar gap after that is taken out?

One of my two front upper teeth (on the same side of my mouth as the other ‘problem’ teeth) has a veneer and was root canal treated in the last year. The orthodontist has warned that the tooth structure has been compromised and I fear therefore that I will lose this tooth eventually also. Therefore, I am trying to make informed decisions now, bearing in mind what I might have to consider in the future also.

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Asked on 07/06/2013 12:00 am