When I was


When I was 9 I had a bad accident and smashed both my two front teeth. This left me for many years experiencing lots of painful treatments including root canal treatment. When I was 18 I was referred to a dental hospital where I received new root canal treatment and two crowns ( I think). It was brilliant and has lasted me 15 years nearly with no problems at all. About 3 months ago when I have a terrible cold I started to get a dull ache in the two teeth and throbbing. I went to the dentist and after an X-ray couldn’t find any infection so sent me on my way suggesting I was grinding( I have a mouth guard for this) . The aching continued, bleeding on touch started to occur and it was tender to put any pressure on them. I managed to get an appointment 3 months later. He said that it sounds like my root canal had failed and once this happens nothing can be done. I would have to have implants and it would cost £4000. When I asked if there was any payment plan he said no. I was left shocked and extremely upset. Not only do I not have £4000 ( who actually has that kind of money) I am getting married next March. I suggested Antibiotics and he wrote me a prescription only to suggest it will not work. He said if i opted for the implants it would take around 6 months to complete. Now I am upset and worried that I may have to cancel my wedding. Please can you advise if there is anything I can do? I asked if i can go back to the dental hospital but he said bluntly “No”.

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Asked on 12/05/2016 12:00 am