Yesterday I had


Yesterday I had a lower first molar extracted which had been root canal filled one and a half years ago. It had caused me intermittent pain and I had felt unwell in a vague way since the day it was placed. No abcess ever formed, but often the gum was red, slightly swollen with a bit of recession. In between the molar and pre-molar also hurt and looked mildly inflammed.

Over the last few months I have felt so exhausted that I had to stop working and take to my bed.

I had several x-rays over the last year of the tooth including a panoramic one. Non of these showed anything obviously wrong. Every dentist said it looked like a very well done root canal.

Recent blood tests showed that I have some serious challenge to my immune system going on. My doctor says I am fighting off an infection somewhere. I decided to have the tooth removed as the most obvious cause of my problems.

The tooth came out easily and the surgeon says the bone all looked nice and healthy.

I asked to keep the tooth. When I recovered from the sedation I examined it and found a piece of bendy black wire sticking out of a hole in the root about 4 millimetres from the tip. The wire is about 2 mm long. There is also another piece of identical black bendy wire inside the same root. I am mystified as to what this might be and why it didn’t show up on an x-ray.

Does anybody know what this wire might be and why it is there? Also does anybody know what it might be made of? I have a fairly severe nickel allergy. Could the wire contain nickel. I only have to put cutlery to my lip that has a trace of nickel in it for a swelling to develop.

After the tooth was extracted I thought I’d feel really terrible. Instead I feel fantastic. I seem to have got my energy back. Although I have mild aching in the extraction site, the horrible pain in the jawbone has stopped. It is early days yet and I might just be feeling happier as I’ve finally got rid of the tooth that has been bothering me for so long. I am due for another blood test in 4 weeks. It will be interesting to see if my white cell count has improved with the tooth extraction. Fingers crossed. Losing that tooth is a big loss but worth it if I can get my health back.

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Asked on 16/07/2010 12:00 am
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I am sorry to hear about your problems
I assume that you had made your dentist aware of your nickel allergy and he will have used instruments of a type that were unlikely to give a reaction?
The "black bendy wire" could be the carrier from a thermafil obturator
This is one type of the material used to fill the root canal and can extrude (slightly) from the tip of the root, but not by as much as 2mm.
It could also be a piece of metal file that has fractured during the root canal preparation procedure. These are often made from a Nickel Titanium alloy which I am sure your dentist would have tested for allergy prior to using.
However anything that is so obvious visually should have been visible on x-ray and if inflammation was present this would usually be evident also.
If you are planning to replace the missing tooth with an implant please be sure to have your allergy tested with the metal components that are likely to be used as implants can be very difficult to remove if a problem occurs

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Answered on 16/07/2010 12:00 am