Hello, I had


Hello, I had an inlay (gold) on one of my upper right rear molars in late March2014. I have since suffered increased sensitivity in that tooth where there was none before. Initially, it was too sensitive to eat on that side but that has gradually decreased. Now there is sensitivity to cold(drinks/food) or to sudden intake of air and chewing on that side is difficult esp if eating things with seeds/grain or hard food like crusty bread. It is sensitive when i bite down on it although i am not in pain the rest of the time. I am still on maternity exemption (7mth old) and didn’t know whether this period of breastfeeding etc would have an impact on dental health etc.
My dentist has suggested that a root canal treatment would be needed, but her estimation of the treatment did not inspire confidence as she pointed out that because the root in this case is curved and very fine, that it would be very difficult to do. The implication, unspoken, was that it would likely not be able to be done properly and I may be left with some damage/sensitivity??
my question is whether I should just leave it alone and see if the sensitivity subsides altogether as it has decreased compared to what it was immediately after treatment or whether it is best to have it done. I feel like this is invasive enough treatment that I need to consider all options but at the moment the only one given me is to have it done. Either now, or at some point in the future.
Also, what would the charge be for this on the NHS?
finally, i’d be very grateful for a quick reply as time may be of the essence if an nhs referral is required.
many thanks

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Asked on 14/07/2014 12:00 am